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RNA Biology forever - Vienna RNA Meeting 2021 

September 28-29, 2021
Vienna Biocenter, IMP Lecture hall
Campus-Vienna-Biocenter 1, A-1030 Vienna

After 15 successful years, FWF funding of our Doctoral School in RNA Biology (DK RNA-Biologie, https://www.phd-rna-biology.at) comes to an end. Therefore, we would like to invite all people involved to celebrate this long-lasting support of the Viennese RNA community with the "Vienna RNA Meeting 2021".

In these past years our scientists and students have created a thriving network of RNA research including full member groups and associated groups from different Viennese scientific institutions making Vienna an international hot-spot in RNA research.

The Vienna RNA Meeting 2021 will celebrate our students and their discoveries during their PhD studies and will follow their successful careers in academics and industry.
The conference is scheduled for two full days and includes a conference dinner and party on the first day and a closing dinner on the second day. The detailed program can be found under "Downloads".

Confirmed Speakers:
Anton Wutz (ETH Zurich)
Alexander Stark (IMP, Vienna)
Christian Eckmann (MLU Halle-Wittenberg)
Martina Hallegger (Francis Crick Institute and Institute of Neurology, UCL)
Carrie Bernecky (IST Austria)
Svetlana Durica-Mitic (Helmholtz-Institute for RNA-based Infection Research, Würzburg)
Sebastian Falk (Max Perutz Labs, Vienna)
Michael Jantsch (Medical University of Vienna)
Markus Schosserer (BOKU Vienna)
Cornelia Vesely (Medical University of Vienna)
Elisa Vilardo (Medical University of Vienna)
Peter Schlögelhofer (Max Perutz Labs, Vienna)
Sebastian Glatt (MCB Krakow)
Isabella Moll (Max Perutz Labs, Vienna)
Walter Rossmanith (Medical University of Vienna)
and post docs (doctoral school alumnis) and DK students

Doktoratskolleg (DK) RNA Biology
Andrea Barta
Medical University of Vienna
Max Perutz Labs Vienna
In collaboration with:
Spezial Forschungs Bereich (SFB-80) RNA-DECO 

Michael Jantsch
Medical University of Vienna
Center for Anatomy and Cell Biology
Organizer's webpage:

Andrea Barta, Mirjam Beck
Max Perutz Labs Vienna 
Medical University Vienna
E-mail: info@vienna-rna-meeting.at

Volunteers and Staff: Tanja Rohr, Irene Beckmann, Maria Waldl, Renata Kleinova, Styliani Karagiorgou, Florian Sikora and Merrit Romeike

Hosted by members of the DK RNA Biology and SFB-80 RNA-DECO at:

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